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Guest Book

Thank you for a wonderful, relaxing and unforgettable vacation. Adrian and Michelle - thanks for taking care of all the details and making this vacation truly special!
~ The Gavarone Family, OH, April 2010

This is the most beautiful everything - views are spectacular, gardens are beautiful, and weather has been perfect. A vacation like few others - wonderful.
~ The Petrushkas, Ft. Worth, TX, February 2010

All of the best - including the guests in your castle, this perfect week of pure heaven!
~ The Bradfords, TX, February 2010

Thank you so much for opening up your beautiful home to my family and dear friends. We had a fabulous time during our stay in St. John. This is our favorite island we are so glad we had the opportunity to spend our time on the island in such a fabulous home. Thanks again for making our vacation so special by your attention to every detail throughout Kismet.
~ The Moser Family and Friends, July 2009

We have wonderful friends that invited us to "Kismet", can't describe how much fun we had! What an amazing place, we were very spoiled while we were here! The house, the views and atmosphere were amazing. We would love to come back some day! Thanks to Adrian, Michelle and Joe for the great talks and hospitality. Truly an amazing place we will never forget!
~ The Johnson Family from AZ, July 2009

Thank you for opening your beautiful home to us! We had a wonderful time and we can only hope to come back!
~ The McCabe Family, TN & GA, June 09

I guess Kismet = Paradise - Fantastic place and a great vacation.
~ The Cardew Family, NJ, May 09

What an amazing place! All of the details make this a one-of-a-kind home. We are so glad we had the opportunity to spend the week here and we hope to come back again someday! Adrian and Michelle were incredibly helpful and made our stay even better. Thank you!
~ The Burgess Family, IL, May 09

This is by far the most beautiful house, view, etc., etc., (I could go on forever). Adrian, Michelle and Havan made it an even better vacation. Thank you so much for the wonderful hospitality!
~ The Hooper Family, May 09

We spent two wonderful weeks at Kismet. Our family enjoyed the beaches, snorkeling, boat trips and just spending time together. Adrian and Michelle (and little Haven!) are the greatest! We can't thank you enough for your help!! We hope to return next year for the fourth time in a row!! Thanks so much for allowing us to stay in your beautiful home!
~ The Brown Family, January 09

Wow!! Been coming to St. John for a long time and Kismet it number one, the total package of great house and the best hosts.
~ The Corpus Christi, TX Group, March 08

Great house, great scenery, great view, great service, great everything! Staying at Kismet has been an incredible experience. Thank you so much!
~ The Corpus Christi, TX Group, March 08

Thanks for sharing your amazing home. Words cannot express the beauty of Kismet. The architect is to be applauded, every spot has a breathless view.
~ The Waldrap Party, FL, November 07

Kismet is magnificent! The villa is a wonderfully thought out and perfectly executed design on an absolutely gorgeous piece of property. Every day here was glorious. Thank you so much for sharing our home with others. I will never forget my stay here.
~ The Gaulate Family, GA, August 07

We have enjoyed our third "escape" to Kismet. As usual it has been a wonderful experience in paradise. We love this place and St. John. We find comfort in this beautiful home. We enjoy it all - movie theater, pool, fountain, hot tub, pool, umbrellas, puzzles, you name it.
~ The GK-Development Group, IL, March 07

Kismet is the best house with the best view on St. John. Thanks for your continued hospitality and attention to detail.
~ The Shutter and Brown Families, January 07

Kismet is more than destiny, it's magic. It even came with a wizard and magician, Michelle and Adrian. Anything we needed would just appear out of thin air making this a vacation to remember. Our kids thought this place was a castle (which we agree with!). We loved every moment we spent here.
~ The Lillis Family, IL, November 06

There are no words to describe this "Heaven on Earth", it has been a truly amazing experience. I can't think of a better way to celebrate my birthday. This has been the best vacation ever. We will never forget this place.
~ The "Gang" from Kentucky, October 06

Kismet was a wonderful destiny in our lives. We could not have spent our 10th wedding anniversary in a more magical place.
~ The Coplaw Group, August 06

Words cannot express the beauty of this place. From our rehearsal dinner to our wedding and every moment around, everyone absolutely loved being here.
~ The Berchman Group, NY, June 06

The house is beyond description - we felt that we were living as royalty. Truly an experience of a lifetime. We enjoyed every minute of every day. Our day trips were exciting but we all looked forward to returning to Kismet for a relaxing afternoon at the pool or drinks in the tower. The walking path and balcony views took our breaths and stress away. Truly an experience of a lifetime that we will treasure for a lifetime.
~ The GK-Development, Inc., Party, IL, March 06

Kismet is by far the most beautiful and private vacation spot any of us have ever encountered. The four babies also had the time of their lives - what a first vacation.
~ The Decker and Robson Families, MI, December 05

One can't begin to describe how beautiful your home is. Truly an astounding residence. Complementing this is the presence of your Estate Managers. They could not have been more accommodating, an outstanding asset to your island masterpiece.
~ The Philly Group, PA, November 05

Our 6th family vacation on St. John and our most enjoyable. The views form the tower are breathtaking and the constant breeze is worth a million BTU's of air-conditioning. We never thought we could enjoy ourselves more on St. John but the Estate Manager and Kismet proved us wrong. We look forward to another happy stay next year.
~ The Mazzo Family, NJ, August 05

I came to a website with pictures of "Kismet" - one absolutely took my breath away which actually became our "spot" once we arrived here at the villa. The contrast of the colors, architecture, landscaping, and cool breeze had the most romantic spirit we had ever experienced.
~ The Jerabeck Family, MA, July 05

Our family and friends were consumed with beauty and romance the night of our wedding and reminded of the love we had for each other and the very lucky lives we live. "Kismet" is inspirational. This was a dream come true.
~ The Jerabeck Family, MA, July 05

It was only fit that we found was our destiny.
~ The Jerabeck Family, MA, July 05

A fairy-tale wedding in a fairy tale place. It couldn't have been more perfect. This villa is awesome - attention has been paid to every detail. Your Estate Manager was so helpful to all of us & never stopped attending to all our needs. We'll never forget Kismet.
~ The Rapp Party, June 05

Wow! This architectural masterpiece is nothing short of the perfect storybook wedding location! Attention to every detail has been paid not only with respect to the architecture and appointments, but to every guest's need. Your Estate Manager is incredibly accommodating, going out of his way to make every guest feel completely at home with no need unfulfilled.
~ The Rapp Party, June 05

Our time here at Kismet has far exceeded our expectations and sets a new bar for future vacations. We look forward to enjoying Kismet again with friends and family.
~ The Rapp Party, June 05

We feel truly blessed to be allowed to spend a week here with family and friends. Our daughter's wedding couldn't have been better and the sunset that night was far superior to any we have set eyes on before.
~ The Porter Party, June 05

Your Estate Manager was always there sensing our every need and I am sure we ran him ragged but there was always that smile that lights his face. Thank you again. We shall never forget Kismet!
~ The Porter Party, June 05

"A man cannot escape his fate..."That's Kismet - well our fate has brought us great joy at "Kismet". The views, the sunrises, the sunsets, all breathtaking. The house - what can be said.
~ The Manganaro Party, June 05

We felt as though we were at home. The creation of Kismet was well put together. You cannot get better than this. The beauty is everywhere.
~ The Niro Party, Canada, March 05

You have created a beautiful oasis in St. John. The home is simply gorgeous! All the attention to details in design, comforts, appointments, etc. was appreciated by all of us. Every morning when we woke and sat in the courtyard, we all exclaimed "we are in paradise"! Congratulations on "Kismet" - a wonderful island escape - an exceptional home and a rare jewel of an experience. We all want to return!
~ The GK-Development Group, IL, February 05

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